Victoria and the Nazi

Possibly the worse sitcom ever!

Jumping on the ever so popular Victoria bandwagon, ITV came up with a rather drab comedy show they called 'Victoria' in an attempt to generate ratings.

It has been a phenominal flop, probably the worst production ever in TV history. Critics have slated it, claiming that it is the most boring comedy ever. In fact one top critic stated 'I never laughed once'  ...  harsh words indeed!

HOT VICTORIA GOSSIP ... the sensational naughty dance troupe fail to drag the show out of the mire.

And it has done no favours for the popular Nazi, Rufus Seaweed, pictured below in his role as court jester. Critics claim that he couldn't manage to bring joy to this important role. Such a tragedy is likely to end his floundering career as an actor.

Noted for his starring role in the Amazon production 'The man in the high castle' he quickly rose to fame simply by playing himself, an evil and tyrannical Nazi despot.

To think he could take on another role was an absurd indulgence of self importance, an arrogant move that has cost him all of his Nazi credibility.

We may never see him in the same way again, it will be hard to believe in the same Nazi ideology that he so proudly bought to the modern world.

In closing, if you have never watched the truly awful ITV version of Victoria ... be thankful.

At least you will still be able to remember the superb number one Nazi, Rufus, as pictured below in his full nazi glory, without being mortally effected by his tragic role as a court jester in the worlds worst TV production ever!