Past And Present

From past to present ... two ICONIC Victorias

It is hard to believe, but these two beings share the same DNA. After the discovery of the fossilised remains of the Victoria (below) scientists have been able to piece together a history and genetic path between these two popular Victorias.

Born in the Jurrassic period, it is believed that the gigantic Victoria (pictured below) did indeed roam the plains of prehistoric Britain, feasting on anything that crossed her path. Judging by her size, she appears to have been an apex predator.

In contrast, the waif-like Victoria (pictured above) is far less well-built and would probably find it very difficult to bring down a fully grown mouse. This contrast in strength and build shows just how feeble the Victoria species have become over the years.

The modern day Victoria could not possibly survive without the support from deaf people who like to buy cds in their spare time. Interestingly 21st century Victoria is drawn to males from the neanderthal period, particularly the athletic specimens who like to kick things around.